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The Benefits of Having Dental Coverage

Recent research indicates that oral health conditions can have significant impact and consequence to the rest of the body and overall health. We know that gum disease is linked to diabetes, heart disease, pregnancy complications, Alzheimer's and certain cancers1. These known connections between the mouth and the body highlight the importance of good oral health, which can only be achieved through a personal commitment to oral hygiene and regular visits to a dentist.

Having a reliable dental plan in place removes many barriers to receiving preventive care and improving your oral health. We know that people with dental benefits receive more regular oral health care.

  • FACT: People who have the least access to preventive services and dental treatment have greater rates of oral diseases.2
  • FACT: Three out of four Americans suffer from some form of gum disease, yet only about 3% seek treatment for their gum disease.3
  • FACT: Treating gum disease in people with diabetes reduces their medical costs and hospitalizations4

When you choose to be covered by Delta Dental, your dental plan includes convenient access to care and useful information to understand your benefits. It emphasizes preventive benefits and encourages you to use your coverage. We know your oral health and your overall health will benefit.

Delta Dental is recognized as the leading provider of dental benefit plans across the country. We are also the leader in the quest to eradicate chronic oral disease and disrupt the links between poor oral health and other leading indicators and consequences of chronic disease.

When you personally place a priority on prevention, over time you can expect to see less need for the more expensive restorative and major services. As oral health improves, you may also experience a positive effect on your overall health, as complications in several chronic diseases may be reduced.

Choices in Plans

As you look over the products and plans we offer, be sure to consider some important features of each plan. If you have questions about how to select the best plan for your situation, please call our customer care team at (866) 991-7345.

  • Many of our Individual and Family plans are PPO plans. This means that you typically will pay the least out of your own pocket when you select a dentist who is in the Delta Dental PPOSM Network.
  • You have choices in the type of coverage that you purchase. Be sure to consider family members who need coverage. Different age limits apply for your dependent children based on the plan you choose.
  • Consider the coinsurance and deductible amounts that you will pay. These affect your out-of-pocket costs and are always paid up front, regardless of the levels of your coverage.
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